Are you experiencing a problem with stinging pests in, or around, your home or business? If so, you have come to the right place! Small critters with stingers are not only a real nuisance, but they can pose extreme health risks when they decide to share your immediate space. Invasive and aggressive stinging pests include: Bees, Hornets, Wasps and Yellow Jackets.

Getting rid of these critters before they become a big problem is crucial, and requires professional intervention. This is where Brothers Bee Removal comes in.

If any of these pests have invaded your home, then you, your family and your pets are at risk.

If your business location –whether inside or outside – shows signs of infiltration, you can experience lost customers and face potential liability issues if someone gets stung on your property.

Stinging Pests Build Nests – Just About Anywhere

Stinging pests are master nest-builders and they have ample locations in which to establish harborage sites:

  • Attics
  • Chimneys
  • Garage ceilings
  • Gutters
  • Under decks
  • Walls

You name it, these little guys know where to go to expand their colonies and ensure future generations.





Wasps, Hornets, Bees, and Yellow Jackets

Wasps and hornets can construct nests in any part of your home or business location. If the nests are allowed to expand, structural damage to your home or store can become a shocking reality. Prompt action with eradication is vital as soon as you suspect you might have a stinging-pest problem, even if it appears to be a small one.

Wasps, hornets, bees and yellow jackets must be completely eliminated as well as any and all nests they have fully or partially constructed; otherwise, the problem will continue.

Our Experts are Well Trained.

Treating a pest problem requires expertise in identifying the type of stinging pest and being well-versed with the array of professional treatments, available. A remedy for one type of stinging pest will not, necessarily, be effective with another. At Brothers Bee Removal, our team-members are experienced, trained professionals who can easily identify your invader and determine the best form of control. Once the appropriate treatment is utilized, we encourage our clients to schedule follow-up appointments to ensure maximized success and long-term results. We will, also, discuss preventative measures that can be taken to cut any repeat invasions.

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